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What do you want to do? Customized programs directed at you specifically.
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We Have NO CLASS! Only Custom Programs Designed For You!
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Your coach is going to create a program for you based on what you option in on. Diet, nutrition and exercise can all be combined. 

Thereafter you will monitor and access the training system created exclusively for you.


Pre-recorded videos have a low monthly cost for use and additional videos such as meal planning and cooking and nutrition are also available. Paid use with Training Plans and Nutrition/Diet Plans are custom created at the listed additional cost. 

Live In-Person Online Training is $X.00 per hour. 

Individual service

Personal & complete programs created based exclusively on you. This is one case where it truly is all about you!

Friendly trainers

Being healthy keeps a positive state of mind and our team is living proof of that. We are not big box we are big results.

24/7 access

Pre-recorded videos can keep you going between the gym. Many use the clips at the gym. Train how you want based on our feedback!

Health Questions?

As a service for being a client of FITEVO we provide answers to your specific health questions by professionals in our network. If you have a internal or specific question outside of training, nutrition and diet we will have one of our certified doctors or professionals respond to you.

We Want To Hear You!

The industry is littered with trainers isn't it? Free online videos, free this and that just before the bait and hook. Not here. We have two ears and one mouth as a trainer, so, we are going to listen to you twice as much as we talk at the onset. All we want from day one is toJ hear you and understand!


No kidding! There is a lot to learn when you take your health seriously and so many directions to get pulled in. Get a consult performed, learn something about yourself and assist in the training plan you are about to tackle.